Saturday, July 7, 2012

Awoozing Race Boston Quiz Answers !

1 . In What Year Was Boston Founded ? 1630
2 . What Famous Cookie Was Created On The Toll House Restaurant In Boston In 1930 ?Chocolate Chip
3 . What Very Popular Movie Actor Is Originally From The Boston Area ? Matt Damon
4 . What Is The Name Of The Famed Boston Baseball Club Franchise ? Red Sox
5 . Boston Had The First Underground Transportation System In The U.S. What Is This Type Of Transportation Called ? Subway
6 . Boston Is In Which State Of The USA ? Massachusetts
7 . What 60-Story Tall Bostonian Skyscraper Boasts Around 13 Acres Of Glass ? John Hancock Tower
8 . What Is Boston's Most Famed Sporting Event That Is 26 Miles Long ? Marathon
9 . What Is The Name Of The Famed Bostonian Political Protest By The Sons Of Liberty In 1773 ? Boston Tea Party

I Hope That Helped ! :]


  1. thanks it did help

  2. Thanks! It helped alot. Alothough it was stupid i only got 250 beez. Pfft wooz world is cheap these days.

  3. Hey thanks!!! Now the Boston quiz has a gilich so just awnser the first and get your 250 beex


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