About WoozWorld !

WoozWorld Basic Info

WoozWorld was created around August-September 2009. It is a fun, virtual world, with only one server (if you aren’t familiar with that, I think it’s called Worlds in RuneScape….).


The chatting system was updated in September 2010, where it blocked the words not in the WoozWorld dictionary. Before that, when you type, it would suggest words from a drop-down menu, and if the word you are typing wasn’t in there, then you couldn’t say it.
When you chat, you can also add an advertisement to it and so when they click on the green man that appears inside the chat bubble, they will teleport to whatever Unitz you are advertising.

Advertising in Woozworld


It’s Unitz system is made so that you can make a cool game in your Unitz! For example, furniture moves for everyone, and if you put it on someone, he returns to the spawn. This is extremely useful for games where when the person loses, you can make him return to a waiting area or something. You can also use the recently added Gadgetz, such as the Spinner, the Dice, or the talking skull to your advantage.
You can also lock your Unitz, then go to the Locksmith and duplicate your key (3 Wooz per key) and give it out to your friends! You can also sell the keys for say 5, 10, or even 15 or more Wooz and put exclusive items in that unitz, or whatever you want. Just don’t scam the people who buy your keys!


There is a large variety of clothes, and the selection of clothes you can buy from WoozWorld official shops changes per season. You can change the colors before you buy clothes (in WoozWorld official shops only, and for some reason, in some cases… in other peoples shops.. when you buy an item for the original color, you can usually change the color by clicking on it in your inventory, then clicking change color under the picture of it). The currencies of WoozWorld are Beex and Wooz. Beex is… the simple money. Wooz is the special money. To get a lot of Wooz, you have to pay for it, or work your way by selling items for Wooz.


And there is very very little limits for VIP’s (pay real money). Even if you aren’t a VIP, it is still possible to get Wooz! But if you don’t want to work so hard to get Wooz, you can pay for Wooz, or become a VIP and get 200 Wooz each week. There are some specials for VIP’s, which are really cool.


You can create your own shops in your unitz by buying Shop Podz and selling items in it. The “level one” Shop Podz can only sell Bargain items (cheap items such as Beex only), and you can only sell items there for Beex only, and you can only sell four items. Then there is the “level two” Shop Podz, where you can sell Choice items (more expensive items, most not beex only) for Beex OR Wooz. This Shop Podz, however, costs Wooz. Then the Shop Podz keep advancing… to Luxury to Premium.. and there’s also a Mannequin Shop Podz, where you can display clothes that people can buy!


There is also WoozNet. You get Wooz and Beex if you refer people to WoozWorld! This is a great way to get start-up Wooz! If you refer someone, and he refers someone, you still get Wooz and Beex!
Also, WoozWorld has contests, which they will announce in their official blog. In these contests, you can win anything like Beex, Wooz, or even Unitz! Some examples of contests are to “get most points in WoozNet”, “have most visitors in your Unitz”, or “have most votes in your Unitz”.


WoozWorld also has achievements. When you do a certain thing, you earn money and a title, which you can wear on your name to show off! Things like “Buy 100 furniture” or “Buy 100 clothing” or “Get a 5th Unitz” are only some of the titles.


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