Latest Fashion trends!

Fashion in woozworld shows ur real personality and character. Some people like simple outfits, some others like sophisticated outfits like dresses and prom ooutfits and some others like To Make Their Own Style (i am one of those :D)...

1. Latest fashion trends for LADIES :

* Have u Seen the latest outfits of the WoozBand ?

They Look Extremely Cool ! I love them..

It's Halloween This Week !! Trick or treat ?! XD the new halloween outfit are so cool ! here are the most fashionable outfits for this week :)

plant girl pigtails :) unfortunately in the shopz it's for VIP only but u can go to artur's shop in the top unitz to get it in the same price or lower )
 Skeleton girl skirt :) I really like it XD
 skeleton girl corset :) Cool isn't it ??
Finally skeleton girl heel boots :) I kinda like the heels XD

2. Latest Fashion trends For Guys:

Ik guys in WzW don't really care about being fashionable :p but have u seen the latest outfits of the woozband?

 Max !! he's always got his own style :D

For halloween boys don't tend to wear some strange costumes they just put on their normal outfits ! :D

Flip and switch ! ehh isn't new :p

 Tattooed dandy ! still on eye :p
 zombie legs ! kinda halloween-ish :D u can get it from the black market and get the keys from the temple of gold
Hope That Helped ! ;)


  1. This blog sucks!! And it's a complete copy!

    1. it doesnt suck i luv this blog it helps me!! and i think u drank too much haterade!

    2. If you hate this blog you must be -cough cough- Jealous of them .-. I love this blog too!!!

    3. ikr great luv this few words for owner:
      blazing twinkle stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this site helps me like hallalooya! lol

    4. shut the fuck up bitch

  2. just-moi !!! I luv uuuu !!! i am really obsessed with u XD hope to meet u in woozworld sometime ! byee

  3. just-moi apparently u've got a taste in fashion :D i luv this page !

  4. i really want to join them... may I ??? .. i also a fanz of woozworld

  5. this blog is awesomeeeeeeeeeee

  6. they haven't been to this blog for many months...

  7. does the black market fill up with keys ???

  8. this blog rocks

  9. the black market price has changed it is now 9999 beex D:

  10. <3 say NO to haters

  11. How to get zombie legs
    1. Search the username ChuckNorris
    2. Click on his profile
    3. Click the Unitz button
    4. Go to the first one "Temple of Gold"
    5. Click the shop podz with the coins in the aqua cup
    6. Buy the key to black market
    7. Refresh
    8. Go to world
    9. Look up the username ChuckNorris
    10. Click the woozin button
    11. Click the unitz number
    12. Click the black market tag
    13. Click the jelly with the clothing sign
    14. Buy the zombie legs
    15. Enjoy finely and calmly


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