Monday, July 30, 2012

WzW's going down hill.. Woozens Trying to carry it up again ?!

So after the new updates for WzW & the new trade system, Woozens wanted to quit and mods were banning alot, So the Short word WzW is going down hill !! Woozens Should try to carry it up again and to do so they need to be heard !! So All Woozens Want to Make a Revolution in Mya's next late show, I think u should try to come !
So it's on The next friday ! be sure to come !

Bye Woozens ! :]

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Awoozing Race: Lost Artifacts week 4 !

Answers Are: 10- Torch
                      11. Little People
                      12. Spear

Hope That Helped ! :]

Awoozing Race: London

1. England
2. 3
3. Big Ben
4. Westminster Abbey
5. Buckingham Palace
6. Wimbledon
7. Red
8. Heathrow

Hope That Helped ! :]

Friday, July 27, 2012

Awoozing Race: Rome Quiz Answers !

1. Italy
2. Vatican
3. Colosseum
4. Peter
5. Romulus
6. Julius Caesar
7. Tiber
8. Trevi

Hope That Helped ! :]

Awoozing Race: Cairo Quiz Answers !

1. Egypt
2. Great Sphinx
3. Pyramids
4. Saladin
5. Soccer
6. Egyptian Museum
7. Nile
8. Tahrir Square

Ik It's Late But Hope That Helped ! :]

Thursday, July 26, 2012

New trade system !

In the new trade system (it sucks) u can't trade wooz or beex & u can't confirm without putting anything !!~ that means that all banks are closed & no more wooz ! I hope the woozband gets back the old one ! :@

New Adventurez Quiz

First Leg (Green and Yellow Plane)
Answer to get through the tiles(letters)

Next you will have to click the leaves and the trash cans. When all the trash cans and leaves are picked up click on the orange door. The password is "Quebec"

Then you go to Rio. You have to pick up all the broken heads. You click on your actions button at the bottom and put all the heads back on the statue. You must make sure they are the same color though!
-After that Good Old Wooz will tell you that you completed America.
-When he is done talking click on the stair case behind him.
-It will take you to a woozworld unitz.
-You click on the Adventurez button on the side again and click the Second Leg.

Second Leg (Blue and White Plane)
You appear at Australia
-Click on the kangaroos in the cages (Do the three second spell jobz)
...When you are done with clicking all the kangaroos with the cages you go to actions and you give the kangaroos to the mothers. Make sure that they match though!
-Click on the door when the bush disappears

You then will go to the City of Wellington. Here you will have to move the the houses to the correct areas. They show you the sizes of squares on the floor so that you know where to put the houses.
-When your done it will take you out of edit mode and you click on the grey stair case next to you. As like the other one it will take you to another woozworld unitz. 

Third Leg (Red and White Plane)
 Coming Soon! Not open yet

Fourth Leg (Black and White Plane)
Coming Soon! Not open yet

Awoozing Race: Moscow Quiz Answers !

1. Russia
2. Kremlin
3. Moskva
4. 1980
5. Basil
7. Lenin
8. Ostankino Tower

Prize is 250 beex and Wuzzle Piece

Hope That Helped ! :]

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Awoozing Race: Istanbul Quiz Answers!

1. (click OK without putting an answer and u will pass it XD)
2. constantinople
3. agatha Christie
4. toilets
5. horse
6. bosphorus
7. hagia sophia
8. byzantium

Hope That Helped ! :]

a woozen on hot topics ?!

Hey guys :) I've just seen something VERY odd, A Woozen on hot topics! Look,

O.o I wonder how she did that ?!!

Awoozing Race: Lost Artifacts Week 3 !

1. Drum
2. Mummy Coffin
3. cup with spilled sand

Hope That Helped ! :]

Monday, July 23, 2012

Sorry for being Lame with no updates !

Really sorry Cuz these days i'm in a vacation so i rarely check the blog and I don't even put updates... X(
Hope No One Is angry about that :)
& BTW i'm just-moi in woozworld X3

Friday, July 20, 2012

Awoozing Race: Cape Town Quiz Answers !

1. South Africa
2. Springboks
3. Nelson Mandela
4. Great White Shark
5. Dutch
6. Table Mountain
7. Braai
8. 11

Hope That Helped ! :]

Awoozing Race: Casablanca

1. Morocco
2. Swimming Pool
3 White House
4. Berbers
5. Humphrey Bogart
6. Anfa
7. Hassan II
8. Spain

Hope That Helped ! :]

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Awoozing race: Lost artifacts week 2 !

 To come here you must have the JennyWooz Passport wuzzle completed to get into the unitz.
The answers are:
                      4. The waving chinese cat
                      5. Yin Yang symbol
                      6. The earth.

Hope that helped! :]

Friday, July 13, 2012

Awoozing Race: Sydney Quiz Answers !

1. Sydney is the most populous city of what country? australia
2. In what year did Sydney host the Olympic games? 2000
3. What is Sydney’s famous performing arts centre located in the Sydney Harbour? sydney opera house
4. Originally, Sydney was a penal colony for what country? England
5. What is the name of the most famous bridge in Sydney? sydney harbour bridge
6. What is Sydney’s famous performing arts centre located in the Sydney Harbour? canberra
7. How many rugby teams of the National Rugby League are actually located in Sydney? 9
8. What pixar movie takes partly place in Sydney? Finding nemo

Hope that Helped ! :]

Awoozing Race: Mt. Everest Quiz Answers

1. Tallest
2. Edmund Hillary
3. 8848
4. Nepal
5. Sherpa
6. Kathmandu
7. Himalayas
8. Apa Sherpa

Hope That Helped ! :]

Awoozing Race: Mumbai Quiz Answers!

1. bombay
2. Cow
3. Bollywood
4. 7
5. Gandhi
6. Cricket
7. English
8. Gateway of India

Hope that helped

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Awoozing Race: Beijing quiz answers!

1. Peking
2. 2008
3. Tiananmen
4. Opera
5. Duck
6. Pekingese
7. Forbidden City
8. Bird nest

Hope That Helped ! :]

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Awoozing Race: Lost Artifacts week 1 answers

To come here you must have the MyaWooz Passport wuzzle completed to get into the unitz. To get here you must go to "World" and then"Featured" then click on "Awoozing Race"
Answers Are: 1. Leaf
                      2. Coffee beans
                     3. Pinata 

Hope That Helped ! :]
 - just-moi

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Awoozing race Rio de Janeiro Quiz!

1- What does "Rio de Janeiro" mean in Portuguese? River of January
2- What is Brazil’s largest holiday and party celebration that made Rio famous? carnival
3- What world famous sporting event will take place in Rio in 2016? Olympics
4- What famous statue is located in the mountains (Corcovado) that overlook Rio? Christ the redeemer
5- What is Rio’s most famous football (soccer) stadium? Macarena stadium
6- What is the name of the famous shanty town in Rio? favela
7- In what year will FIFA’s World Cup will partly take place in Rio? 2014
8- Rio de Janeiro is a city in what country? Brazil

Hope That Helped ! :]
- just-moi

Awoozing Race Chichen Itza Quiz Answers !

1 . Chichen Itza Is Actually The Ruins Of What Famous Empire ? Maya
2 . What Very Popular Delicacy Was First Introduced By Mexicans To The World ? Chocolate
3 . What Currency Is Used In Mexico ? Peso
4 . Apart From White And Red , What Color Represents The Mexican Flag ? Green
5 . What Is The Name Of The World's Largest Bullfighting Arena Located In Mexico ? Plaza Mexico
6 . In What Year Did Mexico Get The Famed Olympic Games ? 1968
7 . What USA State Was Formerly Part Of Mexico ? Texas
8 . Chichen Itza Is Located In What Mexican Famous Peninsula ? Yucatan

Hope That Helped ! :]

Awoozing Race Banff Quiz Answers !

1 . Banff National Park Has An Elevation Of 4,537 Feet . This Feature Makes It Canada’s __ Location . Highest
2 . In What Year Was Banff National Park Established ? 1885
3 . Which Caves In The Northwest Corner Of Banff Are Canada’s Longest Cave System ?Castleguard
4 . What Is The Name Of The River That Flows Through Banff And Ends Up In The Hudson Bay ? Bow
5 . Banff National Park Is Considered As A World Heritage Site By What Organization ?UNESCO
6 . What Large Animal Is Most Commonly Found In The Banff National Park? Elk
7 . What's The Name Of The Largest Man-Made Lakes In The Banff National Park ?Minnewanka
8 . Once A Booming City , This Coal Mining Town Is Now Banff's Most Famous Ghost Town .Bankhead

Hope That Helped ! :]

Awoozing Race Boston Quiz Answers !

1 . In What Year Was Boston Founded ? 1630
2 . What Famous Cookie Was Created On The Toll House Restaurant In Boston In 1930 ?Chocolate Chip
3 . What Very Popular Movie Actor Is Originally From The Boston Area ? Matt Damon
4 . What Is The Name Of The Famed Boston Baseball Club Franchise ? Red Sox
5 . Boston Had The First Underground Transportation System In The U.S. What Is This Type Of Transportation Called ? Subway
6 . Boston Is In Which State Of The USA ? Massachusetts
7 . What 60-Story Tall Bostonian Skyscraper Boasts Around 13 Acres Of Glass ? John Hancock Tower
8 . What Is Boston's Most Famed Sporting Event That Is 26 Miles Long ? Marathon
9 . What Is The Name Of The Famed Bostonian Political Protest By The Sons Of Liberty In 1773 ? Boston Tea Party

I Hope That Helped ! :]