How To Get Wooz !

Hey Woozens ! :]
Getting Wooz nowadays is quite simple... To look rich is also simple Cuz now all riches wear a certain outfit so if u wanna look cool and rich u can simply buy this Charming piece and wear it

1st way to have Wooz Is..
Don't waste ur votes ! now ur votes worth wooz, u will have to search everyday in the Eventz for the word "vote" or the word "bank" and find the "Vote 10 get 20 wooz" unitz, go there, Vote 10, get 20 wooz. Do it everyday and save till u get the 200 wooz, now u can buy a make-up and a new hair, then u save again until u can get a complete outfit... The WoozBand Changed The Trade System So Now You Can't Trade Wooz Or Beex Therefore No More Wooz From Votes !! :@

2nd way to get Wooz Is...
Inviting ur real life friends to play woozworld through e-mail or facebook, when u invite 3 friends and the play through the link in ur invitation u will now have 115 wooz and the cheering outfit or the zombie outfit or 3 different yetis...

3rd way to get Wooz Is...
Simply selling items, when u start playing u will already have 2 mannis to sell on and 2 choice shop podz, u will get rich items from the mya's lost bags and from the spin n'win everyday so sell every rich thing u get until u an save till u buy the outfit u need...

4th way to get Wooz Is...
There is NOWAY u can hack the woozworld server or cheat or bla bla bla, but u can make ALOT of accounts on woozworld and take more wooz from ur votes everyday, like for example if i have 4 accounts i'd get 80 wooz/day !!! that's pretty much, Btw i've got like 20 accounts on woozworld but i don't use them lately cuz i don't need wooz right now...

Hope That Helped ! :]


  1. can i have one of you wooz account plzzzzzzz

  2. banks r all closed cuz of the trade so we cant get wooz so we cant really use thoes ideas witch sucks we can only get ppl to buy thingsmwe cant trade wooz.

  3. man it sucks now we cant trade wooz :(

  4. aww add me im plz-stop-bullyin and tat sucks we cant trade wooz impiseed about it :(

  5. ya it sucks and OMG Anoymous commented on here :o

  6. xD Check out my blog! I just got started but I wanted to know if it's good so far! Its

    1. I'm gonna hack you. :D JK JK JK JK xD

  7. Old WzW was better. Everything was. (except the Zach and Zeena part!) Why did the mods have to change everything? I mean like one time, there was a time when only V.I.P's could trade woozen's! :O Thank God that's not about anymore! :D

  8. i want 300000000000,0128434 wooz

  9. i luv wooz it is awsome but it sucks the way u cant trade wooz anymore

  10. I want 5,000 wooz... Please DDDDD:

  11. doeesnt work v.v

  12. the reason they took the trading wooz away cuz people would scam like if you only had 6 wooz u would make other person put stuff, then u would confirm and just type a bigger number and it would show up like 6000 ect., and i got scammed by that :/ and i scammed with that on my old account

  13. Now you can't even had good shops because woozworld makes you keep everything as the lowest price it can go. But thanx to MyaWooz she's going to look into it!

  14. what if u had like so many or meny account that u couldn't remember like half of them cuz I do

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  16. it was useful.. =.=

  17. its no use d:
    now days 2013+2014
    u cant trade wooz
    u cant get wooz from votes
    woozworld now is being a bully
    non vips cant get what they want
    woozworld and woozband make woozworld fun for vips and boring for non vips.
    i think woozworld is hating on woozens
    this is so unfair
    i was a vip in my old account , but now its hacked so i dont wanna be a vip anymore so when i moved on to be a non vip i've seen that its really hard to not be a vip.
    i miss old woozworld :C :'C
    why cant we all make at least two big units and all woozens go there and we all yell for old woozworld back . why cant we do this?

  18. hey guys go here at this website it actuaaly works :) trust me search this

  19. How can i invite my friend to play woozworld?

  20. my friends dont even know what ww is

  21. i miss the old wzw too it was my fav now it just sucks & i don't want to pay to be v.i.p thats stupid i want one maybe too days for woozens who arent vip get vip and other who are not vip then they see how it feels

  22. I hate the new wzw I want the old wzw back plzz :,( :,(


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