Friday, October 26, 2012

Back To WzW !!!

Lately WzW was nearly VIP-world ! Non-Vips were so mad that most of them quitted and VIPs were supporting them So it was a total mess there in the WzW then they made a blackout day where no one should go online to WzW on this day to show the woozband that we really hate new WzW. now Jenny (my Superstar XD ) made the colorization of objects available for Vips and Non-VIps from prestige level 6 and you can color an object as many times as u want ! :) i luv jenny for this XD and there is a new feature too ! it's the objectives instead of being bored searching for a thing to do in WzW and can't find they will tell you what to do :) I recommend everyone that quitted to come back to WzW it's now a better world and it's really improving ! :)

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