Saturday, July 7, 2012

Awoozing Race Banff Quiz Answers !

1 . Banff National Park Has An Elevation Of 4,537 Feet . This Feature Makes It Canada’s __ Location . Highest
2 . In What Year Was Banff National Park Established ? 1885
3 . Which Caves In The Northwest Corner Of Banff Are Canada’s Longest Cave System ?Castleguard
4 . What Is The Name Of The River That Flows Through Banff And Ends Up In The Hudson Bay ? Bow
5 . Banff National Park Is Considered As A World Heritage Site By What Organization ?UNESCO
6 . What Large Animal Is Most Commonly Found In The Banff National Park? Elk
7 . What's The Name Of The Largest Man-Made Lakes In The Banff National Park ?Minnewanka
8 . Once A Booming City , This Coal Mining Town Is Now Banff's Most Famous Ghost Town .Bankhead

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